Example of the goodfriend power while enabled.
Example of a good friend with a sound enabled.

Goodfriend allows you to make users on your friendslist into a good friend. Goodfriends will appear higher on the userlist as well as your friendslist than your regular friends. They will not appear higher than users who are a higher rank than them.

To make a friend into a goodfriend, use the command "/FIDHERE". Please note that this command must be capitalized! Replace IDHERE with the identification number of your friend.

You also have an option to assign a sound notification to your good friends. Sounds are heard whenever a good friend sends a message in the chat, as well as in private chat or private message. This means that if you have the chat sounds muted and the Noaudies power enabled, you are still able to hear a sound whenever one of your good friends posts a message.

To enable sound for a goodfriend, use the command "/SIDHERE". Similar to adding a good friend, this command must also be capitalized!

Customizing sounds

The goodfriend power also allows you to customize which sounds you want to hear whenever a notification goes off.

To change the default sound that plays for all good friends, use the following macro:

  • $gf=#audie

To add a custom sound for a specific good friend, use the following macro:

  • $gf=ID#audie

Simply replace ID with the identification number of one of your good friends. Please note that if you only change the sound for certain good friends, the default sound will stay the same for the rest.

It is also possible to change the sounds that play for multiple good friends. For example:

  • $gf=ID1#audie1,ID2#audie2,ID3#audie3

To change the default goodfriend notification sound AND change the sound that plays for certain good friends, use the following macro:

  • $gf=#audie,ID1#audie1,ID2#audie2

You can view of a list of all of the available audies here.