• Snowy lets you add #snowy to the end of smilies for a snowflake effect.
  • You can also add #snowy to the end of your avatar for a snow effect.
  • Add #snows to make snow fall on the smiley.
  • You are able to customize the type of snowflake (so it's not the default type), by adding #w1, #w2, #w3 or #w4 to the end of the #snowy. Example: (awe#snowy#w3).
  • You are also able to use two new kisses: Snow and Globe.

You can also use the following with the Globe kiss: (To do so, type #santa1 in the message)

  • santa1
  • yeti1
  • xmastree
  • snowman
  • reindeer2
  • gift1
  • house
  • candystick
  • xmasstar
  • xb1
  • xb2
  • xb3
  • xb4
  • xb5
  • gift2
  • sack


Globe kiss.
Snow kiss.


  • Smilies are: (snowy) (snows)